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FATHER’S DAY – The date of Father’s Day 2018

The Father’s Day celebration may seem quite recent, but its origins go back much further.

A little history
In fact, fathers were already celebrated since the Middle Ages on March 19th. It was, however, a religious occasion, connected to St. Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ. It will be until the beginning of the 20th century that this festival becomes secular, thanks to a young American, Sonora Smart-Dodd who suggested emphasizing paternity as well as maternity. To pay homage to her father, who raised her alone, she proposed June 19 as Father’s Day. In 1924, United States President Calvin Coolidge agreed with the idea of ​​a special day of the year to celebrate fathers, but it was, in fact, only in 1966 that Father’s Day “(Father’s Day) will become official under the chairmanship of Lyndon B. Johnson. The date of Father’s Day in America is the date of the third Sunday in June.

In France and elsewhere
The date of Father’s Day was formalized in France in 1952, thanks to a promotion launched by a lighter manufacturer. At that time, as the men still smoked a lot, the company Flaminaire had the idea to propose an opportunity where one could offer a lighter to a father. The date chosen for Father’s Day was that of the third Sunday of June and this tradition continues today. Father’s Day 2018 will take place on June 21st. The holiday may vary from one country to another: for example, in Belgium, dads are celebrated on the second Sunday of June, and in Italy on 19 March, Saint Joseph’s Day. In Luxembourg, Father’s Day 2018 is celebrated on the last Sunday of October.

Tradition has it that a gift is offered to his father on this occasion. On Father’s Day 2018, surprise the dear man by first presenting him with a red rose, the floral symbol of this official birthday of the dads. Another custom is to wear a white rose that day on the grave of a dead father.

The date of Father’s Day 2018 will arrive, like every year, a few weeks after Mother’s Day. A key ritual for many family members, Father’s Day is often the victim of a lack of inspiration at the fateful hour of finding an original gift. Unlike Mother’s Day, the Father’s Day gift is usually only found at the last minute … when it is found. Because Father’s Day is featured in a recent poll as much less desired than Mother’s Day.

Here are some figures on the previous edition of Father’s Day, from a survey conducted by Vivastreet, No. 2 free classifieds sites, and to which 1,750 people responded from May 29 to June 3, 2017:

►52% of respondents did not offer a gift to their father and settle for a “Happy Birthday”

►Of the 48% of respondents who wish to give a gift, 23% were inclined for a garment, 14% for a bottle of wine and 11% for a book.

►On May 28, the 68% of respondents had offered a bouquet of flowers to their mom.

What is the exact date of the next Father’s Day? Where is it celebrated according to the country? How to wish a happy birthday to his father by saying it with verses? And with a virtual card? What are the most popular gifts? What do the polls say about the importance of Father’s Day in the minds of the French? What are the religious and commercial origins of this celebration apart? You will know everything about Father’s Day by consulting our file …

Date Father’s Day
In France, this celebration always takes place on the third Sunday of June, although no official text specifies which day it must be established. By applying this rule every year, we can see that Father’s Day can only be fixed between June 15 and June 21. If Father’s Day always takes place after Mother’s Day in our calendar, she is also born later, in 1952 in France, when Mother’s Day is celebrated there since 1941.

Father’s Day 2018
In 2018, Father’s Day “will fall” on Sunday, June 17th. Last year, it took place on June 18 and also coincided with a few days with the summer solstice and the festival of music. According to a Toluna survey for LSA magazine, Father’s Day was less successful than Mother’s Day, with less than one in two fathers receiving a gift from adult children. As for the mere fact of wishing, it was the intention of 66.2% of adult children, against 81.1% for Mother’s Day. This year, the proportion of non-Father’s Day gifts remains stable, according to a poll Vivastreet, site n ° 2 online classifieds, which 52% of respondents said they do not intend to offer gift to their paternal Sunday, June 17.

Father’s Day 2019
In 2019, Father’s Day will be June 16th. It is not celebrated everywhere the same day. The hexagonal date is modeled on the American model (see below). In Germany, the Vatertag always takes place on the same day as the Ascension, that is to say 40 days after Easter. In Belgium or Austria, it takes place on the second Sunday of June, a week before France. Conversely, it is held much later in the year in some countries of our continent: the first Sunday of October in Luxembourg or the second Sunday of November in Northern Europe (Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden ).

Father’s Day and religious origin
Although Christianity has no direct link to Father’s Day, many sources have emphasized the glorification of fatherhood in this religious stream. The “creator” God of the Bible is often called “God the Father”. A state of affairs reinforced by the trinity of Catholic theology, which separates the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Moreover, the paternal figure is present in the place taken by Abraham, father of the believers (XIX century before our era) and biblical patriarch. The Jewish, Arab and Christian peoples all claim their descendants.

By the way, the father was once celebrated in the figure of the Roman “Pater familias”. This head of the family had undisputed authority over the wife, children or slaves. And was considered the cornerstone of ancient society. The motive has also gone through the centuries until today: among Christians, the fathers were of course the members of the clergy. The pope himself is named Holy Father by the Catholics.

March 19, the date of St. Joseph, has long been the occasion to celebrate paternity in Catholic, Lutheran or Anglican cults. Indeed, in the Bible, Joseph is the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. He is betrothed to the young woman when she finds herself pregnant by the action of the Holy Spirit. Described as a “wise man”, he accepts the

Father’s Day Gift Idea
While at the Mother’s Day, nearly one in two French declared to wait two days before, or even the day before, to decide on the gift he will offer to his mother, what to say then very short deadlines that must suffer the dads? Finding a gift for your father is often a puzzle. To help young and old, LSA magazine published in June 2015 a survey * showing the preferences of French dads in this area. Respondents answered the question: “What gift do you plan to offer for the next Father’s Day?” The most frequently cited categories are: wine & alcohol, book, film, music, clothing / fashion, perfume / cosmetics and restaurant. In other words, only gifts that can still be found at the last minute. In 2014, another survey by LSA ** magazine gave some clues about French consumption habits on Father’s Day. 69.9% of respondents say they will offer a gift, compared to 78.9% for Mother’s Day. The average budget for this paternal present is 49.98 euros.

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