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Father’s day quotes of message of good wishes to our parents. A then, here are some ideas to share for Father’s Day 2018:

Being a father makes the best part of a man flourish;

For children, your father will always be a hero;

Thank you for loving and defending me, I love you, my best wishes, and dad;

Today is your father’s party, I always wish you the best;


The hug that gives me more confidence will always be my father’s;

You taught me to be a man to be honest with others, I love you, I will never let you down;

Even if you flew in the sky, I can still feel your hands caressing my face. I miss you and I love you dad;

No one is like you my best wishes, Babbino

“I do not know what my friends can celebrate today because I have the best father in the world”

“Always remember that you are unique … Exactly the same as everyone else”

“When I’m wrong, you help me; when I doubt, you advise me; and whenever I call you, you are by my side. Thanks Dad!”

“Parents are dedicated one day a year, but mine dedicates me all the days of their lives”

“We never know the love of a father until we ourselves become parents”

“When you teach your children, you teach their grandchildren”

“Let your son walk where his star calls him”

“It is a wise man who knows his own son” (William Shakespeare).

“A good father is worth a hundred teachers” (Jean Jaques Rosseau).

“When a newborn squeezes with his little fist, for the first time, his father’s finger, it has him trapped forever.”

“It is a wise man who knows his own son” (William Shakespeare).

“Thanks for sharing with me the best moments of my life. You are the best dad in the world! I love you Papa. Happy Father’s Day!”



“To be a father is to plant and take root, is to teach life hand in hand, with courage and determination. I love you! “

“A father is someone to be proud of, someone to say Thank you and, above all, someone to love. Happy Father’s Day!”

“Parents are dedicated only one day a year, but they dedicate their children every day of their lives. If you are reading this, you are the best father in the world. “

“A father is not the one who gives life, that would be too easy, a father is the one who gives love.” (Denis Lord).

When the other boys and girls talked about superheroes, I thought that my superhero was you. Today that thought has not changed at all. I love you dad.

“When I’m wrong, you help me, when I doubt you advise me and whenever I call you, you’re by my side. Thanks Dad.”

“Dad, I will always be a photographer who remembers your image.”

“Be generous with your father; When you were young, who loved you like him? “(Margaret Courtney).

“As is the father, so is the son” (Latin proverb).

“He is truly blessed the man who hears many voices calling him father.” (Lydia M. Child).

“Life does not come with an instruction manual, but luckily mine came with a dad.”

“It is not the flesh and blood, but the heart, that makes us parents and children” (Friedrich Schiller).

“In heaven, directly after God, a father comes.” (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).

“Dad, you will always be my favorite superhero. Happy Father’s Day!”

“Having a father is essential, but having the best father is something exceptional. Congratulations for your day!”

“A father has the wisdom of a teacher and the sincerity of a friend. Happy Father’s Day!”

“Being a father is: laughing, crying, suffering, waiting … thanks for the opportunity to have a father like you every day. Happy Father’s Day!”

I miss you so much that I despair. I do not find peace or calm when I look for you and it is that knowing that I can no longer have you here by my side is something that kills me.

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