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Check out these phrases from father’s day quotes in heaven that will surely make your dad cry. Ideal to include in postcards, letters or any detail for dad.

If you think about giving your dad a detail like a postcard or letter, or just want to congratulate him on Father’s Day in a very original and emotional way, then I leave you a series of phrases from Father’s Day that will serve you.

Check the phrases of Father’s Day and select the one you like the most to share with your dad, surely you will take a tear. You can use them in postcards, letters or whatever you like, the case is to make your dad feel good.

I can not conceive of any important need during a person’s childhood that the need to feel protected by a father (Sigmund Freud).

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance (Ruth E. Renkel)

It is a wise man who knows his own son. (William Shakespeare).

No matter who was my father. The important thing is who I remember who I was (Anne Sexton).

father’s day quotes in heaven

A parent is more than a hundred teachers

It is beautiful that parents become friends with their children, fading away all fear, but inspiring them with great respect.

What a great wealth it is, even among the poor, to be the son of a good father!

The life of the children happily passes in the shadow of a good father, as the friend and confidant who reflects tenderness, kindness and love.

A father is a son who looks hard and thorny on the outside but is pure and sweet inside.

The problem with the family is that the children leave childhood one day, but the parents never leave paternity.

When a newborn squeezes with his little fist, for the first time, his father’s finger, it has him trapped forever.

father’s day quotes in heaven


The best legacy of a father to his children is a bit of his time each day.

Father, we pay homage to you today because you have given us life, because you protect us, because you take care of us, because you educate us, and because you care for us, your children.

A good dad is the one who after a hard day’s work, when he gets home, hugs his children and becomes a child playing with them.

I have lived a life full of problems, but they are nothing compared to the problems my father had to face in order to get my life started. (Bartrand Hubbard).

Dedications for Father’s Day

If not only you want to dedicate a sentence if not a whole dedication, then I present two dedications of the father’s day that will serve as inspiration to create yours, remember that the most beautiful is what one can express from the depths of the heart.

father’s day quotes in heaven

To the father of the  heart

You have wisdom of great only you give me love and understanding you hurt my pain you want to see me smile you love me like a daughter although nothing of yours I am by chance filling a void that I always had You are my father of the heart I feel you like that, you are part of my life Thank you for your support, your love, for your attention, your understanding, especially for your patience. Thank you Dad of the Heart. I love you so much..

To my father …

Little Father We are two and we look like one.

Thank you for being like you are, for giving me everything, for fighting so hard to get ahead.

Thank you for teaching me respect and courage. I will always carry it in my Heart.




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