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As every June 17, Father’s Day arrives, one of the first big festivities of the year and maybe one of the days. Children, adolescents and adults take advantage of this important date to look for that message to congratulate the father’s day for WhatsApp and show our love to that important figure in our life.

Regardless of the circumstances or the distance that can separate us, new technologies allow us to demonstrate our love and appreciation in multiple ways. One of the simplest is to use a WhatsApp message  to congratulate Father’s
father’s day  from daughter 2018 . A small gesture that will not take more than a few seconds but that will serve to show your father all your affection.

Phrases of the father’s day for WhatsApp there are all kinds, you can integrate some of them into an image to make your message more visual, create your own to demonstrate your creativity, or simply copy and paste any of the ones that you we propose below.

Father’s day quotes from daughter

As each person is a small world in itself, we have collected messages and phrases from Father’s Day 2018 for WhatsApp of all kinds , from messages or quotes of great sentimental content, to funny messages for the most sarcastic parents, going through sarcasm to those who do not believe too much in this day or the typical geek messages only available to the most enthusiastic parents.

Life has no instruction manual, but mine came with you … Thanks for being by my side Dad!

Father’s day quotes from daughter

Thank you for having educated me like that, it is a pride to be as I am and I owe it to you. I love you Papa.

Dad, I thank you very much for not posting on my Facebook wall the aggressive passive messages that you usually send to my email. Congratulations!

When I’m wrong, you help me, when I doubt you advise me and whenever I call you, you’re by my side. Happy Father’s Day!

Dad, father, father, Vater, isä, pare, faoir … It does not matter what language I choose to tell you that you are the most important person in my life. Thanks for everything, therefore, forever.

Luckily there is only one father’s day a year, it would be unable to be so cloying over 24 hours … I love you dad!

Can you give me the button’s phone to tell him how much I love him? Just kidding, thanks for putting up with all this, Dad. Congratulations!

For my unconditional hero, my guardian and my most faithful admirer. Many Congratulations on Father’s Day!

Father’s day quotes from daughter

Loving the mother of her children is the best a father can do for his children.

“Dad, thanks for being there always supporting me when I need you and for showing me the right way.”

“Good parents there are many, good parents, there are few, it is not difficult to be a good father, on the other hand, there is nothing more difficult than being a good father like you are”.

For the coolest dad of all, after Darth Vader, of course.

For a father like you there are never distances, there are never unattainable things, there are no difficulties, there is no impossible word.

“Luke, you can destroy the Emperor, he has noticed that, join me and together we will dominate the galaxy as father and son … Come with me, it is the only way”

When I was born you smiled with joy, when I got married you cried with melancholy but I just want to tell you dad that I love you more than my own life.

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