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Happy birthday in advance to all dads! Yes, let’s celebrate, because we have improved a lot in recent decades.

Let’s be honest, Father’s Day is, in general, quieter than Mother’s Day. With reason. Even though fathers are much more involved than before, mothers are still ahead of us, so it’s fully deserved. We are the first to admit it.

As you receive flowers and love letters from your children, we are content with what remains. But that’s ok, we’re already accumulating enough stuff like that.

Sincerely, the fact that Father’s Day is underlined is enough for us. We are fragile little creatures, you know. All we want is to be reassured that we are doing a good job and that our children love us. In fact, I think that’s the big difference between the modern father and the past. We express better our need for love.

We have come a long way

More and more, I see fathers who throw themselves on the ground to play with their children. More and more, we take the time to have great discussions with our teens. We still watch you, moms, because you do not really know what to do. But our aim is noble: we just want to learn, even if sometimes we express it badly.

Yes, sometimes we are nonos, but that’s part of our charm.

Moms have their way of doing things, we have ours. You have a sense of innate organization. We do not even try to compete, it’s lost.

But even if we are sometimes clumsy, infantile and all crooked, the important thing is that we reach our ends anyway.


The secret of our success? We have this ability to lower our level of maturity to that of children and, in case of force majeure, there is this magic phrase that often saves us from trouble: “Tell your mother!”

What I like most about today’s father is that we are not afraid to question ourselves. We do not sweep our mistakes under the carpet.

And our greatest reward is when we realize that our children have inherited our strongest qualities and traits.

Many of you know that I’m shooting a series with my daughter for VRAK. Livia’s mother has contributed immensely to making her a child of which all parents would be proud. For my part, my greatest joy is to be able to open doors for her and see her blossom.

Small pleasures

It is in the small details that I find my comfort and the dad in me is filled. Here is a small example that summarizes everything. One filming morning, I did not arrive long after her. Saying hello, I told him:

– What, no hug this morning?

– Dad, I’m not awake yet and anyway, I’m doing you one in the next scene.

We laughed together and the first thing that came to mind was, “She’s really my daughter!”

These little magical moments, we cherish them. It’s as if someone put a star on the fridge to emphasize our success in parenting.


So on this Father’s Day, I take the opportunity to tell you: nice job boys! We are far from perfect, we have our bad character at times, but we are well fun to see go.

Happy birthday to dads

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